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2018-03-05 14:31

Tính Cách Quyết Định Số Phận (Tái Bản 2016) Thư viện Sách hướng dẫn

Sách được viết bởi Bởi: Tạ Ngọc Ái

Morgan was born into a world where women have little power, where men make all of the decisions, where a son is valued highly above a daughter. But there is a power reserved for the women alone. It is the power of the Fay, the Faerie. When Morgan learns to harness that magical power for herself, she changes history, for she is the half sister of the legendary King Arthur. She is Morgan le Fay, and her power will bring down Camelot. The legend of King Arthur is a timeless tale that has been explored by many different authors. Traditional tellings of the story are very focused on the male characters, and the women are often either evil or spineless. In recent years, books such as the Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley and the Guinevere Trilogy by Rosalind Miles have retold the stories from the female point of view, with strong, powerful female characters. Nancy Springer chooses to focus on Morgan le Fay as a child and young adult, ending the story before she encounters King Arthur and brings down Camelot. Morgan is classically seen as a villain in the mythology, but Springer’s take on the tale is that of a good if misguided girl who lets the allure of power lead her astray. While the Arthurian legend will often appeal to young adults of both genders, this particular telling of the story is geared toward young women. The novel is told exclusively from Morgan’s point of view, which will likely appeal to young adult readers. However, because of this perspective, and because the book ends before the major events of the Arthurian legend, a reader who is not already familiar with the story may have difficulty comprehending the plot. I recommend that this book be used in tandem with a more traditional telling of the story of Camelot so that the reader can fill in the blanks for him or herself. Also, while Morgan’s narration of the story mostly rings true, there are passages where the language is too modern to be believable for the time period in question. However, these passages are rare; by and large the book is very well written. Springer’s I am Morgan le Fay and its companion I am Mordred take a sympathetic look at two of the villains in the Arthurian legends. They offer an interesting counterpoint to the traditional tales, and would be an excellent addition to a unit on the legends of Camelot.

Người đọc Leonardo Moggio từ Venkatraopet, Andhra Pradesh, India

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