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2018-02-22 00:30

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Sách được viết bởi Bởi: Trần Minh Ánh

I was scared to start this book, being the last in the series, but I'm glad I read it. The majority of it was a very enjoyable read. It made me so happy to see all of my favorite characters again. Yes, everyone is back! It's impossible for me to read anything about Balthazar without being happy reading it. I love Lucas, Balthazar, Ranulf, even Vic. Reading this book with all of them gave me a very nostalgic feeling for all of the things I'd loved in the previous books. It was nice to finally have answers to everything, but I still felt a little unfulfilled, like everything wasn't finished at the end of the book. The main thing I didn't like about this book is that it had a much more serious feel. Maybe it's because I'm not that into ghosts. It just felt too dark and serious in spots. Particularly the end. I was very disappointed with the ending. It wasn't cry my eyes out sad and awful (thank God), but it didn't leave me with a happy, satisfied feeling. It had a twinge of sadness and realness to it that didn't give me the happy sigh I want at the end of a book. All in all I would still recommend this entire series to anyone that loves vampires, paranormal, or young adult books. But Stargazer is my favorite of the series. This book relied too heavily on my nostalgia from the previous books instead of giving me any really good moments in this one.

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