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2019-06-06 09:30

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Dicey is the star of her high school baseball team in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is paired with Jack Chen, a science prodigy, son of science prodigies, for a project where they are parents to an egg. These two are total opposites, which, by tradition, are not supposed to get along. One is a jock, the other a nerd. Dicey and Jack Chen do get along and decide to go on a first date. An infection making its rounds in the city has other plans for these two. The infection is eating the brains of humans turning them into zombies. Jack Chen calls it the “zombie apocalypse.” Without a cure, it will soon be the end of the world. To make matters worse for these two, they are on their own, stranded in a city of zombies. Soon a zombie bites Jack Chen. Now that he is a zombie nerd, can Dicey still date Jack Chen? It is one thing for a jock to date a nerd, but a zombie nerd. I Love Him to Pieces by Evonne Tsang is a fun, fast-paced graphic novel for teens. The illustrations, by Janina Görrisse, are spot on, with expressions that enhance the story of Dicey and Jack Chen. The story of a jock and nerd, with the jock being the female, is an interesting role reversal. Dicey is the outgoing personality; Jack Chen the reserved, introverted, nerdy scientist. He thinks Dicey swapped names so she could be his partner in the egg baby project and is not what sure what to make of this. The official first date is definitely a make-or-break it date. The writing is well paced and authentic. The illustrations bring the story to life. Dicey and Jack Chen look close to what I imagined they would. I have read comics before but never have they come to life the way I Love Him To Pieces does. I Love Him to Pieces is the first in a series of My Boyfriend is a Monster graphic novels for teens. Number 2, due out this Spring, is called Made for Each Other, written by Paul D. Storrie. This one involves a conservation minded funeral parlor, whose director does not want his son’s new girlfriend hanging around. I wonder why? I suggest you read I Love Him to Pieces now and then move on to Made for Each Other. These are two sure hits for teens. Wonderful relationship stories combined with awesome illustrations give the novels the excitement teens will love. If you have never read a graphic novel, like me, I Love Him to Pieces is the one to sink your teeth into. Note: received from NetGalley

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