Steph Hilario từ Vajangu, Lääne-Viru County, Estonia



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Steph Hilario Sách lại (10)

2018-09-27 09:31

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Sách được viết bởi Bởi: Hiroshi Kamata

SUMMARY A man and his three daughters live in a mountain village. The two oldest daughters are constantly misbehaving, teasing the youngest sister for being a “goody-goody” for working all day while their father was at work. He threatened the mischievous daughters that he would call el Cucuy if they did not stop acting up, but they did not believe in el Cucuy. One day, el Cucuy came down from the mountain cave where he lived, and he took the misbehavers away and locked them in a dark cave. Though their father looked and looked, he could not find them. Then one day, a village boy happened to hear their cries and saved them. From then on, the girls always acted as young ladies should. EVALUATION Joe Hayes grew up in a small town in the Southwest, and he had many Latino friends who taught him to speak Spanish and whose culture influenced his young life so much that when he grew up, he studied Latino folklore. He shared this rich culture with his own children, and then became a storyteller himself. Therefore, he is quite able to share this story without stereotypical characteristics, which makes this such a gem. The Note in the back about the historical significance of the legend of el Cucuy and the bogeyman trope in literature is enriching, and the story itself is rich with authenticity and he explains why he kept the story “harsh” even in the light of “contemporary sensitivities” that tend to gloss over or oversimplify much of children’s literature. He doesn’t make the mistake of assuming that children can’t handle anything but rainbows and talking puppies, and so this story is told with cultural accuracy and respect for the folklore. My nephew loves this story, and since the copy I have is from the library, I’m going to have to add this one to my personal shelf.

Người đọc Steph Hilario từ Vajangu, Lääne-Viru County, Estonia

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