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2019-08-20 19:31

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Promise Canyon by Robyn Carr is the story of vet tech Clay Tahoma, originally from Flagstaff and the Navaho Nation and Lilly Yazhi, a Hopi who is trying to forget her traditional native background. She works for her grandfather (“Yaz”) keeping books at his feed store and delivering feed to nearby ranchers and Nate, the local vet where Clay has come to work. Both have baggage. Divorced, Clay has left the Los Angeles area and his beautiful, wealthy ex-wife and the stable where he worked to put distance between himself and her, also to have a suitable place in which to raise his seventeen-year-old son, Gabe, who still lives with Clay’s grandparents on the Navaho Nation. Lilly hasn’t recovered from a romantic disaster where she was betrayed and abandoned at a much-too-early age. She’s spent the intervening years getting an education and putting her heritage behind her, and she’s not about to become involved with a drop-dead sexy Navaho. Fate has other plans, however, and both Clay and Lilly feel a huge attraction toward each other. Finding an injured and abandoned horse provides Lilly with a turning point, and she begins to enjoy working with the horses at Nate’s, and to realize how much she belongs with them. Meanwhile, in Virgin River, Jack, the owner of the town’s only bar and eatery, has been given the task of administrating Hope McCrea’s trust, which the recently deceased widow left to the community. As people come out of the woodwork with suggestions on how the funds should be used, Jack finds himself becoming increasingly unpopular as he tries to do what is best for the community as a whole. And Colin, Luke and Aiden Riordan’s brother, finds himself in a helicopter accident with dire consequences. Three stories mesh together and bring old and new faces to Virgin River. I love the way Ms. Carr is able to weave the plots together. This is a wonderful book with different storylines, each of them tied to Virgin River and her great cast of characters.

2019-08-21 02:31

Mưa Gió Thoáng Qua, Tôi Yêu Em Thư viện Sách hướng dẫn

Sách được viết bởi Bởi: Tình Không Lam Hề

Another fine Lew Archer novel--perhaps the finest. Once again, troubled young people haunted by the past are implicated in a murder, and solving that murder will involve bringing the past to light. Although I don't think the resolution of the plot is quite as effective as some of the others (The Galton Case, The Chill, The Goodbye Look, for example) the imagery that structures the narrative is profound, resonant and organic. Toxic pollution is a powerful metaphor here (DDT and the birds, psychedelics and the '60's generation), but the basic metaphor of the book is a California wildfire: a canyon filled with fifteen years of desiccation ignites from the fall of a murdered man's cigar, and, as we follow the progress of the fire, we learn how the lives of two generations of Californians have been scarred by a fifteen-year-old crime. There are other images of nature too--the breaking up of a yacht against the rocks, a relentless chilling storm, the threat of mudslides after fire and rain--that suggest that a chaos, haphazard and arbitrary, dominates even the merciless Furies that customarily rule Archer's world. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the denouement lacks Macdonald's usual elegance: the lack of Sophoclean clarity here is intentional. At the end of the novel, Archer finds himself thinking that "quite often nowadays the low-life subplots were taking over the tragedies." When Chaos is unleashed, tragedy can never be the same. There's an even more effective metaphor alluded to in the title--but I'd be giving away the plot if I talked about it. This metaphor is a little over the top, but I love it; Lew Archer is definitely the archeologist of crime!

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