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2019-10-25 12:30

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Maybe I'm just not a Toni Morrison fan. Even though I want to be. This is only the second book of hers I've read, the first being Song of Soloman in high school. I mean, no question, the lady can write. Certain passages are just beautifully rendered. A Mercy is told from several different points of view in pre-revolution colonial America. (It's the seventeenth century, and around Maryland, I think. Early enough that the Portuguese are still big shots in the area.) We begin with Jacob, a Dutch farmer. Also included are Florens, a slave that Jacob accepts as a trade from a Portuguese lord, Rebekka, a native American lady who's a servant in Jacob's home, and Sorrow, a shipwrecked teenager who's another servant in the household. Morrison does an excellent job of creating the world these characters live in-- it's at once wild, unspoiled and lovely, and also quite menacing and cold. I loved the feeling of that part of the country feeling new, because it feels so old to me. The Chesapeake Bay being slightly dangerous in its terrible beauty is a notion that is lost today, yet Morrison makes it plausible. The world of A Mercy reminded me of the world of The Crucible. Somewhat because of the atmosphere of fear among great natural beauty, but mostly because these are (for the most part) people living in a world that is completely new to them. In both settings, the characters are in awe of and at odds with the great possibility in the land around them. That said, I can't really abide by some of her character's voices-- Florens is somewhat unreadable, because her voice is dreamy and indistinct, it can be difficult to decipher what she's actually saying. I'm sure this is a draw for some readers, but for me it was merely frustrating and boring.

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